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  • Fleet Management

    For vehicles and boats
  • Telemetry

    Remote data collection and control
  • Access Control

    Electronic and electromechanical protection
  • Remote Control

    Receivers and keyfobs

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Welcome to AUTOTECH!

Established in 1984 Autotech provides quality products for the domestic and overseas markets in the fields of industrial-home automation and Wireless Control. Our in house R&D, Production, certified QC and our staff of engineers ensure the quality and long term lifetime of our products. We focus on:

  • Control & Telemetry-DAC systems GSM/GPRS "IRIDA"
  • Fleet Management Systems - Application
  • Wireless Control – Home Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Satellite Assisted Vehicle Locator Units & Car Alarm
  • Software development

Our commitment to quality and value guides us through our production which is proudly made in Greece.