Autotech provides new product and application development services for third parties and assembly for companies in Greece and abroad.

Why Autotech
Because our goal is not just to bring a product in the market, but the creation of an exceptional state-of-the-art top quality product, perfectly adapted to the real requirments of the customer.
Operating a full production unit, we have the advantage of direct and thorough quality check in accordance with the constructional details of the manufactured products.
Our perconel is experienced and well educated engineers and technicians, having  thelatest  technology methods and equipment in their use.
Our products are designed and manufactured in Greece and are totally compatible with all European standards ,specifications and certificates
We provide lifetime direct technical support.
Our main growth reason is the Research and development department of our company

R&D Department

A group of engineers and technicians using state of the art equipment keeps creating high tech products and procedures while preserving the reliability of Autotech Brand name. in addition having the needs of the market as a guide we constantly update our existing products assimilating any new technology.
Constantly following the same track for our new products (requirements definition, prototype manufacturing, prototype quality testing, test production, final quality and functional testing, full automated production) Autotech has managed persistently evolving new products.
Prior to the full automated production we test out designs thoroughly in the working environment in order to minimize the possibility of
unknown and undefined errors.
The quality and reliability of our products is our main goal for our customers.

The RnD department of AUTOTECH collaborates with education foundations, research and state facilities as the National Hellenic Research
foundation, TEI of Piraeus, TEI of Athens, University of Xanthi, National defense ministry etc. performing studies and research on new
technologies in the fields of Environment, Defence, Medical science and Technology and consumer technology applications.

Production Department

Our production facility meets all quality and safety standards. We take up the smd and through hole production for our customers and
the quality control of it.
AUTOTECH uses 2 Pick&Place machines (a TWS Quadra encoder and a YAMAHA) with a total production capability of 20.000 components
per hour.
The SMD components are mounted with an infrared reflow oven and the trough hole
components in a wave soldering oven.
Our experience covers all kind of PCBs (one two sides, flexible etc..)